Cap Barbell Adjustable Kettlebell

February 6, 2014

I have mixed feelings about this kettlebell. On one hand, being adjustable is great. You can start with a really low weight and perfect form in a much safer environment. Changing weight on this kettlebell is extremely easy and the build quality is very high. The large round shape of the kettlebell also means that the surface area that comes into contact with your forearm during cleans is less sharp/curved which reduces bruising.

So why the mixed feelings? Two reasons: the handle and the mechanical internals.

The handle on this kettlebell is extremely rough and easy to grip. This is great for swings and basic motions, but horrible for snatches or cleans. Any type of motion where the handle needs to move inside your hand will cause this rough handle to tear up your skin. So if you plan on doing snatches or cleans, avoid this.

The other issue with this kettlebell is the fact that it has mechanical parts internally, which means that it shouldn’t be dropped. The ballistic nature of many kettlebell exercises means that there is a high risk of letting go of the kettlebells in the middle of a movement. If you live in a big city and you only exercise inside your apartment, then this probably isn’t an issue for you since you will be forced to workout differently.

If you drop this and break it, that’s $160 you’ll be losing. Which brings me to my last point: this kettlebell is very expensive. Even with free Amazon Prime shipping, it comes out to $160.