Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand

February 6, 2014

This is a very solid piece of equipment geared towards doing two important bodyweight exercises: dips and bodyweight rows.

Assembly is very easy and fast. This thing can be broken down in a minute and put away in storage.

For dips, this is an amazing piece of equipment. The grips are very comfortable, however, they are also not very durable. I have already ripped up my padded grips with heavy usage. Nothing that a trip to the hardware store can’t fix.

The structure is also very stable during dips, which means that dip exercises are much safer and easier. This is a good thing and a bad thing. The structure being more stable and safe also means that your muscles have to work less to stabilize the structure than they would if you were doing dips on two independent structures (like chairs). So this is very good for beginners, but less desirable for advanced users.

This equipment is also very good for bodyweight rows, a.k.a. Let Me Ups, … with an exception. The only grip you can do is neutral. This means you can’t do overhand or underhand to target different muscles in your arm. Also, the top of the stand is very high, which actually makes Let Me Ups easier than if the grips were placed closer to the ground. If you try to do Let Me Ups with legs straight on the ground, you may have you back hovering above the ground and causing more weight to distribute to your feet than to your arms.