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Sofa King: Sync is a mobile database replication app that allows you to sync datasets from your server to your pocket.

Features & Specs
  • Compatible with Apache CouchDB and IBM Cloudant databases.
  • Innovative JSON document interface. Drill down into each successive layer of a JSON tree without getting lost in the forest.
  • Locally stores a list of your favorite CouchDB servers.
  • Server credentials are stored securely using iOS keychain.
  • SSL enforced. Connections to servers using credentials require HTTPS (but HTTP is okay for anonymous usage).
  • Side effect free design. All network requests require explicit user action to ensure you only speak to your server when you desire.
  • No ads; Distraction free usage.
  • Absolutely no warranty. Use it like you stole it.

Here are some of the features I would love to explore adding in the future:

  • Rapid editing of JSON docs
  • Backup server info and databases with iCloud account
  • TouchID protection
  • Store favorite JSON docs in central location
  • Map Reduce views powered locally by Javascript Core and GCD
  • Schema support
  • Javascript triggers
  • Background replication
  • Database sharing
  • Who is this app intended for?

    Anyone who relies on CouchDB to store important information and wishes to carry that dataset with them.

  • Why can't I sync databases that start with an underscore?

    This is a limitation of CDTDatastore (Cloudant Sync) which is how the app replicates from the server. I am looking into it.

  • What kind of datasets can I download?

    The app may hang when downloading datasets of several thousand documents. This is a high priority issue that I am focusing on. In the future we may use a more efficient replication method or use background processing.

  • Will you open source the code?

    The app itself will remain closed source, but a critical library I am developing may become open sourced if I am able to package it properly.

  • Where can I file a bug report?

    You can file a bug report here at the bitbucket repo.

  • I have a dataset I think would be a great fit in your playground. How can I go about adding it?

    Email me!

Your Humble Dev

Hi, I'm Paul and I made this for you because I think you're awesome. This software is free to use, so don't expect the world. Like it? Hate it? Feature request? Have some feedback? Email me and we'll talk it out. Enjoy this app with some friends while relaxing on your sofa... you're the king now.